Catering Menu

We use sustainable practices.  

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We will be adding more catering options later this spring.

Giving us at least one week's notice will assure we can accept your order. Want to Download a copy of this menu? Click Here.

Boxed Lunch                                               $15

Sandwich, kettle chips, pickle cup & signature cookie.

Sandwich Options

Sandwich options include pimento cheese, chicken salad, or turkey club.

Chicken salad and pimento cheese are served on croissant, turkey club served on wheatberry bread

Sandwich platters                                   $40

6 whole sandwiches cut in half (you may choose 1 or 2 sandwich options)

Sandwich platters                                   $75

12 whole sandwiches cut in half (you may choose 1, 2, or 3 sandwich options)

Hummus Platter

Includes hummus with toppings (olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, feta,) naan, carrots and crackers

Hummus platter                                        $47

Serves 8-10 guests

Hummus platter                                        $70

Serves 12-15 guests

Dessert Platter

Signature Cookies                             $24/$34

12ct or 18ct

Fudge Brownies                                  $42/$60

12ct or 18cts

Cookie/Brownie Combo                            $47

9 of each


Bag of Kettle Chips                                   $2

House made pickles                                   $6



Boxed Water                                            $3.50

San pelegrino sparkling water             $3

San pelegrino arinciata (orange)          $3

Single serve white wine                           $9

Single serve red wine                               $9

rose water                                              $6.50

craft beer (can)                                    $6.50

single serve mimosa                                $10

single serve champagne                           $8



To place a catering order, contact or call 859-236-4054 and ask for Shana. Thank you!